Your Ads are Annoying Your Future Customers
Your ads are annoying your future customers   Are you tired of spending more and more on ads while you seem to get fewer and fewer results? Don’t worry it’s not your fault. There is worldwide change happening right now which is probably the best news as a business you will ever have. My name is Steve Goodall and let’s talk about ads.   Ads were so easy. You just need engaging pictures, clever punchy
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Stop selling right now!
How to sell more    Everyone wants more sales.   You might be using PPC , TV , radio, and newspaper (if anyone still uses that) to push ads out and attract more customers.   But guess what? Welcome to 2019 – it’s time to stop selling!   Oh, calm down. Look, if what you are currently doing is working – keep doing it. But if you want to increase your sales you have to
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6 Ways to Use 1 Piece of Content Multiple Ways for Social Media
Always be Everywhere.   However, when it comes to social media people feel overwhelmed by thinking they will need to create a bunch of content every day. That is not the case.   Here I am going to share with you 6 tips on creating a lot of content with minimal effort:     Create around a 5-7 minute video showing how to solve a particular problem. You do not need to go into detail
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4 Easy Branding Techniques
We hear about the importance of personal branding every day.   Branding for anyone as old as me means your reputation. so, if you want more customers and leads you need to get your branding on point. Use these 4 simple tips to get your branding on point today:   #1 Consistent brand colors – Use a color on a social platform and then use the same across ALL platforms. If you are using a
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3 Things to Boost Facebook Leads Today!
How to use Facebook correctly.   3 things to STOP doing and 3 things to START doing Facebook is #4 in search size in the world. They want to become the social search giant which means a couple of things.   The DO’S:   Do produce longer content on Facebook – Facebook is now the #4 search volume site on the planet – they want to become the Google search for social media. So, help
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3 Reasons People aren't Buying Your Stuff
They can’t see you – My daughter who has her own business said to my wife.. “ugh I haven’t had any sales this week.” To which my wife said, “Well I don’t see you anywhere. How do you expect your customer to see you?” I love this comment as it highlights a simple problem and solution. If I can’t see you online how do you expect your customer to see you? We talk about everyone
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How to Increase Sales
We can talk about brand, marketing, processes, and everything in between but business owners know unless there are sales, it’s all for nothing. It is all about how to increase sales.  So here is a weird thing I can say… over the last 25 years there are trusted true methods in most industries. But in sales, it’s constantly changing. What worked last year might not work this year. So here are my current most effective
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We are thrilled to bring The Revenue Kings into our fold. The Revenue Kings is a company solely focused on helping any size business at any stage help build their business credit. Focused not just on education but also connect you with the right lending companies as well. We see all the time owners placing their own credit and future on the line for their business, and while that is commendable, that is not the
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