What does success mean to you?
What does success mean to you? Success is something that is different for each person. My definition of success will not be the same as your definition of success. However, I was recently asked what it means to me… Today I am going to talk about my answer…  I hear quite often, “If you’re doing what you’re passionate about you’re going to be successful.”  This is probably going to upset a lot of people but
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4 Main Reasons New Businesses Fail.
So what are the most common reasons that new businesses don’t succeed? I was recently reading an article on this. It was the same reason that I’ve seen many other articles use – cash.  The article stated the main reason that businesses fail is they run out of money. However, that’s not a reason.  That’s actually a symptom. And through my 25+ years of experience, seeing many businesses rise and fall, I believe the real
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What is it like being an entrepreneur
So, how hard is it to be an entrepreneur? I was actually asked this not as a direct question. It was more like, “how hard is it to do this?” And the truth is… it’s harder than a lot of people think.  I think a lot of that’s to do with the way the media kind of portrays it. They portray entrepreneurs as driving around in fast cars and living in large suits.  I actually
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How to add the most value to your company.
I get asked business questions all the time.  Recently I was asked, “What would you suggest a company could do to add the most value to their business?” My immediate answer was,  “Hire quality people.” I really didn’t hesitate on this one. We often get caught up, in all fairness, adding just simple value to our product or service; because it’s easier. Simple things like throwing in a special treat with your packages or having
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Keeping in line with bringing all companies owned by The Goodall Group under one brand. From November 2018 MOPR Marketing is now part of The Goodall Agency. The Goodall Agency is a full-service branding and marketing agency who works with SMB’s globally increase marketing, sales and branding awareness. MOPR Marketing brought to the Goodall Agency it unique and highly success facebook marketing campaigns. The Goodall agency now is able to offer its clients: Ad management
How your message can increase sales
So, I’m going to create the worst business analogy, in the history of business analogies.   We’re looking after some friend’s sheep and I have my daughter here with me.   She has a bottle that she uses to feed the one younger sheep, while the others are disinterested.   Now here’s the thing, the rest of them are not going to come over because they have different interests. Many of the older sheep are
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Just get on and launch it
So, in the last week, I’ve had two phone calls. One with a young entrepreneur and one with a nice woman in her mid-thirties.   Neither one had ever run a business before, but they both had brilliant ideas.   I decided to write a blog on this because of the frustration I had during these conversations.   I’m doing this to encourage everybody out there.   They both have great ideas.   They both
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Why I started a marketing agency on a bet
A few years back I was on a podcast talking about business, and this particular podcast had live callers without screening, which personally I love!   A caller came on who said, “well it’s easy for you to talk about starting a business when you have money.”   My response was if you genuinely wanted to start a business you could do without a penny.   So I made a bet that I could start
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