Over the last 25 years, The Goodall Group in various versions has existed to leverage the power of branding and marketing for its clients through the use of technology.

We have built up a core team of highly experienced consultants and systems to assist any business in growing to its full potential.

1989-1997 – The company focused on retail and wholesale ventures and growth. This focus brought us into the use of technology and the growing importance of worldwide commerce.

1997-2002 – Moving into the digital sphere, we focused on wireless internet delivery solutions, realizing the future of broadband communication and the importance of a connected world.

2002-2012 – We acquired many businesses in the online marketing space. Especially the blog and ad markets and grew these companies significantly over this time. While many companies reduced operations during the 2008 financial crisis, TGG increased and expanded its operations internationally

2012- To date – Through creations and purchases of online marketing and affiliate marketing companies TGC has grown into an expert in all areas of branding, marketing, and sales growth via online strategies.

2015 – Joint Venture Launch or MOPR Marketing – a dedicated marketing company that focuses on Facebook marketing for small businesses

2017 – Joint Venture of The Referral Kings – Training and consulting company focused on the insurance industry to train insurance agent on referral growth, sales strategies, and automation.

2018 – Launch of Join Team G – with its core service of the ‘The Circle’ Team G offers full marketing, branding, and sales and service growth service for medium to large size companies worldwide.

2018- The Goodall Group acquires Both ‘The Referral Kings’ and ‘MOPR Marketing’ and brings them entirely in-house to expand their core group of service offerings to their client.

2018 – Steve Goodall created SCK Entertainment Group  A company that will focus on talent management and video and audio productions. SCK ( Pronounced SICK) will be used to produce content for the companies in addition to moving into the entertainment sector for talent and content

2019 – MOPR Marketing and The Referral Kings are merged into The Goodall Agency, a Full-service branding, and marketing company for SMB’s globally.